Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday #1

If you're anything like me, you don't go a moment throughout your day without music. Music is playing during the morning routine, in the car on the way to work, in the office, during the workout, on the ride home, prepping dinner, bedtime, and so on. Basically the only time music isn't playing is if I'm in a meeting or watching TV. I don't think I could live without Pandora, Spotify, my ipod, old mixed cds, and the list goes on. It really does make everything better.

The thing I look forward to most about my solo workouts is putting in my earbuds and zoning out to some of my favorite songs. A new playlist makes me giddy with excitement for the next opportunity to workout. The good news is, music isn't just another distraction. According to an article written by Barbara Russi Sarnataro, it's proven to make you work harder and keep you committed to your weekly exercise routine. For more information on the benefits of music during exercise, you can find Sarnataro's article here.

To honor the love of music and the benefits that it has for our workouts, Lady in Motion designates every Monday as Music Monday! It's a time to share what's on your playlist for the week and a place to hopefully, discover some new workout tunes!

The following are some of my go-to songs on this week's playlist:
(DISCLAIMER: I have a tendency to listen to some "offensive" surprise to those who know me well)
  • Eminem - Mosh
  • Everclear - Santa Monica
  • Kid Rock - American Bad ass
  • Fort Minor - Remember the Name
  • Eminem - Never Enough
  • Eminem - Rain Man
  • Eminem - Won't Back Down
    (Obviously I enjoy Eminem...)
  • Nickelback - Burn it to the Ground
  • Green Day - Holiday
  • Ludacris - Number One Spot
  • Ok Go - Here it goes again
  • Trick Daddy ft. Luda - Sugar
  • Weezer - Beverly Hills

Leave a comment and share your favorite songs this week!

Until next time...

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