Shannon Young is an ACE certified personal trainer and a wellness professional working toward improving the health of her community. In the process of focusing on everyone and everything else, she lost sight of her own health and well-being and has begun the journey of re-discovery. Lady in Motion was started as a vehicle for accountability but also with the hope of inspiring others and serving as a place to share in the well-being journey.

Shannon began her fitness journey in college after she made the committment to herself to lose some unwanted weight. Over the course of a year, she dropped nearly 40 pounds and picked up a new passion in the form of triathlons and hard workouts. Setting and achieving goals was the driving force behind everything Shannon did. After years as a triathlete and gym nut, she got busy with life and in the process gained back that weight, and then some.

Regardless of the fact that everyone is at some point on the path toward wellness, she found that it was difficult to talk about her health and fitness with those around her. She felt that instead of feeling judged, guarded and embarrassed, we should all be able to work together in support of each of our wellness goals.

At Lady in Motion you'll find a place for community, support, inspiration, ideas, goal setting, and laughter. You'll find recipes, workout tips and ideas, funny stories, ramblings about life, struggles, triumphs, article reviews and so on. If there's somethere that's not here that you'd like to see, please let me know!


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