Thursday, October 27, 2011

You snooze you lose

Years ago I had a rule. It was a zero-snooze rule. What was the point in setting an alarm for a certain time only to wake up to hit the snooze button for 7 extra minutes of sleep. Just set the alarm 7 minutes later...DUH!!!

Evidently somewhere along the way I forgot that rule and now I'm the Queen of Snooze. Every night before I go to bed I set my alarm for somewhere in the 6 o'clock hour and inevitably, I don't roll out of bed until after 7:30. My intent is always to get to the gym before work. I'll be good at it for weeks and then I'll hit a tired patch and not want to do it. I'll make every excuse and justification in the book. The "I'll have time to workout this afternoon" line always sneaks its way in there but usually, I end up not having the time.
The solution? Resolve myself to getting out of bed on the first ring of my alarm. Period. OR I can invest in this nifty little clock that makes a mad dash off of your nightstand to prevent you from rolling over and hitting that button. AquaClocky will you allow to tell it how many times you can snooze and then after that set number of times, he sets himself in motion and rolls off the nightstand and around your bedroom all while continue to sound your wakeup alarm. GENIUS!

Until I get an AquaClocky of my own, I guess I will just have to exercise some self control and quit being a snoozer.

Until next time...

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