Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Move

Movement. Naturally, one might think of physical movement and activity. One foot in front of the other, forward motion, and so on. In a lot of ways that is exactly what movement means to me right now but I see it far beyond the physical.

It's so easy to skate through life without ever really making any movement. I mean, things happen. Marriages, mortgages, babies and so on. But are you consciously making movement toward your dreams, desires, and goals? It takes discipline and drive to actually move in the direction you so desire.

"Girl in Motion" is the title of this blog. It's easy to read that, read my first post, and think that this will be about exercise and activity. Some of that is correct but I see "motion" as many things. I see it as creating new adventures in life, exploring new things, constantly improving, and moving in a direction of growth mentally, physically, emotionally and so on. Motion is powerful. It can heal, it can create, it can improve, it can motivate.

For me, in this moment, I am looking at motion from the very literal sense. I vow to move everyday. It gets easy to go from home, to work, to home, cook, eat, clean, sit, sleep, and start over. I will intentionally move each and every single day so that I might feel my heart pump, break a sweat, and feel alive. I'm worth it my health is worth it.

What is your motion? What direction are you headed?

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  1. I agree 100% w ya Shannycakes. My movement today was chasing Jules n Mer all over a playground, n I had a damn good time doing it. The next thing I knew it was an hour or so later n I had a great time! Was better then goin to the gym!! Thank god for nieces!!
    These are the things that as we get older we appreciate the times we share w family n friends, even if it means skipping the gym n going to happy hour to catch up. Or in my case, quality times w my two lovies!!
    Keep the good blogs coming, miss u lots!! Xoxo