Saturday, January 28, 2012

Workout Woes

Does anyone else out there suffer from workout boredom? You show up at the gym, plug along on a piece of equipment for awhile, lift a dumbbell or two, and then throw in the proverbial towel because you just "aren't feeling it." Maybe it's lack of purpose or direction, maybe it's boredom with the same old routine, maybe you don't see the value in what you've been doing. Maybe it's just time to shake things up.

Now if you think I'm going to give you answers about my favorite way to change my workout or the best way to add variety I am so sorry to disappoint. I too suffer from this same issue and I am furiously trying to find something that I can stick with long enough to see results. I swear, I've been dealing with this very issue for at least 18 months. In May 2010 I competed in a half-ironman triathlon after months of concentrated and very focused training. As soon as I crossed that finish line it was like a light switch went out. I no longer had any interest in my bike, I decided I hated running, and the pool was my biggest enemy. I was excited to get back into the gym and hit the weights but that too became so extremely boring and unmotivating to me.

So here's my solution: 30 day challenges. I'm going to find, or create, a workout routine that I like and commit to sticking with it for 30 days. If at that point I am motivated and see results, I'll extend another 30 days. If not, I'll change to something new! This is not an entirely new concept but it's something that could work for me. So, join me if you wish as I embark on my first 30 day challenge!

Here's the workout:
3 days/week of strength sessions (they are found here)
3 days/week of choice cardio
For cardio I will most likely take cycle class, swim, and participate in a sports conditioning class that I enjoy at the Y.

For today I'm just going to go for a run and get myself excited for new and exciting workouts on the horizon. You can stick with anything for 30 days, right?!

Until next time...

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