Thursday, May 31, 2012

90 Pledge

I never said I was good at keeping up with this blogging stuff. It's true, I want to be good at it. I want to have a blog that people look forward to reading and that I look forward to writing. I want to inspire others, make people laugh (and hopefully not cry...), provide a vehicle for my far-away family and friends to keep up with life, and create a way for me to document my existence so we can someday look back and smile at all of the cool, and sometimes seemingly insignificant, things we've done.

I love to write. Sometimes when I've composed something I'm proud of, even if it's a boring work document, I'll go back and read it half a dozen times. I enjoy putting words together and letting my personality show through my writing. I hate the lack of time that I have, or think I have, to commit to writing. It's my dream to create my own little freelance writing gig where I do business and technical writing for all sorts of different clients. I also really stink at making time to work on making that dream a reality.

For those of you who have been around lately, you know that I am going through several health issues these days. With these issues, I've had to adjust a lot of things in my life. Daily B12 injections means constantly sore arms and no alcohol, six months of antibiotics means a much more careful diet and numerous side effects that I'll save for another day, Lyme flare-ups mean unpredictability in how I feel from day to day and sometimes, hour to hour. The weight gain that has resulted from much of this over the last 8-9 months is discouraging and depressing to say the least. However, I have committed to start to combat some of this instead of wallowing in my own self-pity.

So I've made a pledge. I will be going through the P90x program in my home for the entire summer. I started on Memorial Day and I will end on Labor Day. I have chosen to do this because I'm ashamed of how badly out of shape I've become and I went from loving the gym to loathing it. Once upon a time I could keep up with the others around me in the weight room but those days are dormant. I can get a good workout in my own home and not feel so awful when I wake up feeling like complete crap because of a certain antibiotic or Lyme reaction. I don't have to worry about other people.

Why am I sharing this? Because as a part of that pledge, I'd like to pledge to blog daily - or almost daily, through the same time frame. If I'm waking up everyday at 5:30am to workout, I can use the time right after my workout to write.

I don't expect that anyone is reading this anymore but hey, if I can make it a habit once again maybe it'll someday be worth reading regularly!!

Until next time...